Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Paint Your Home Interior?

Most homeowners leave the paint project for summers, particularly if it’s about painting the exterior of the home. Contrary to that, if you’ve got a paint project for the interior of the house, there’s no better time than winter for it. Why? Simply because you get more benefit! Here are some interesting reasons why a winter paint job can be a favourable option:

1. Paint dries up fast in winters

While paint jobs run high in summers across homes and buildings, the hot weather has its cons. The weather in summers is quite hot and humid, which prevents the paint from drying fast. It takes longer for the paint to dry and makes the job extensive; it can consequently result in higher labour charges. On the other hand, a paint job in winter takes the medal; there is no humidity, the paint dries up fast and the job can be done in a very short time. Even if the sun goes down early, you can still have the paint professional work at your home full 8 hours since it’s indoors.

2. Paint jobs are cheaper

Winter months are a low traffic season for paint professionals. Since most people hold their interior paint projects for summer; paint contractors easily do the job for you on cheaper rates; you’ve got to give something to get something in return! Take the advantage and you may be able to find a contractor willing to do a paint job at lower than half the cost that he or she would charge during summers.

3.  Saves you time for other summer projects

Most home improvement projects have to wait till it’s warm outside unlike an interior paint job. If you’ve gotten the indoors painted during the cold months, you free up time during the summer for other important projects like plumbing, etc. or just time with family, an extended vacation or just time for yourself.  It’s basically one thing less on your to-do list for summer.

Choosing the Right Wall Paint Colour

Whether it is winter or summer, the right paint in terms of quality, cost and your individual requirements, is the key to getting a good wall paint colours for your home. Not only that, a good paint job also includes using the right paint accessories. So the next time you decide to pick up a home improvement project related to paint, make sure you’ve picked the right paint colour that is durable and best fits your requirements.

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